Here is a list of changes thus far:
Changelogs are updated regularly and begin with most recent update first. 🙂
Last updated: 2020-04-27

  • Added more new datapacks
  • Use of WARPS enabled. /warps Ask to have one made for you today!
  • Crimson borders have been expanded, with new PLUGINS
    (Giants and Mob Stacking)
  • New Crimson Server OPEN /crimson
  • Bento Server OPEN /bento
  • Player Shops: Use /market
  • New Dynamap:
  • NEW TAGS: A.W.E.S.O.M.O for patrons, and Streamer, for game streamers to show support. Each rank has their own unique perks.
  • AntiCurse running
  • New RTP plugin to prevent death by dirt/stone suffocation
    Keep Inventory is now ON, as the rtp failed to do what it promised.
  • Patreon Options to help with servers costs – 100% go towards server hosting
  • House of Head /thanks
  • The END reset with new custom build
  • Jobs additions
  • More commands available to players
  • Music Bot for the discord group
  • Rule Changes
  • New elevator plugin
  • Admin Shops adjusted, some items will be buy back but disabled with SELL ONLY
  • Creative /merge command fixed.
  • More Protection Stone flags added.
  • Disposal sign enabled.
  • Command /ignore fixed.
  • AFK status fix and extended to 10min for idle, 20mins for boot to /lobby
  • World Border expanded by 5K to allow for Bee generation.
    New lobby, new worlds, still hammering away, but come join TODAY!
  • Added help on how to connect to the MossyMine minecraft server.
  • Added Datapack recipes to /tutorials page
  • Additional recipe added to Datapack: deconstruct saddles
  • More Datapack Recipes
    Details coming and will be added to Tutorials.
  • MODDED servers now in the works; taking ideas on our discord server.
    Join Today.
  • 1.14.4 Server Move
    Moved to better performance host. server domain remains the same.
    The domain is now pointed to 1.14.4 server.
  • 1.13.2 No longer live.
  • Rules have been updated to clear up any confusion regarding raiding/griefing.
  • Discord Roles
    To avoid unwanted trollery, as above update states, all existing members have been given “Member” role, while everyone else is ‘new’ and only sees limited channels.
  • MossyMine Server Listings
    Updated and ready to go.
  • Loots Chests
    Go to /hub and look for those chests, get creative and please do not share your find locations. You take the fun challenge of finding your own loot out of the game if you tell others. Let them figure it out! Now with MONEY TOO
  • Fountain of EXPERIENCE
    An EXP ORB pool awaits anyone who dares to look for it. Have fun (don’t go far.. it’s hidden in /hub).
  • Silk Touch Spawners
    Yes, silk touch.. any spawner and place where you wan’em.
  • Slime Spawner
    Slime spawners available in Admin /shops will now work outside of slime chucks previously an issue. Happy Jello Farming
  • Animal Teleport
    All leasable mobs will now move with you from home to home as long as you have a lead on them. This includes different maps!
  • Guide
    Using /guide is now available. Basic getting started book which all new players will receive upon joining the server.
  • Added Player Commands to the Tutorials pages (also listed in discord #player_commands).
  • Website
    Ready to go. If you notice any mistake, or have ideas on what to add, please let me know.
  • Stone and other crafted item prices were slightly adjusted after it was found, that blaze rods smelted more items than coal.
  • Need money? Use /jobs
  • Admin Shops
    Admin shop pricing is now done. Use /shops
    Resale of items is 25% – based loosely on ‘real life’ ideas. Player shops will be coming in the future, but for now you can sell off excess items.
  • Discord Bot
    Disabled until further notice to rule out ticks issue on the server.
  • Datapacks
    Rotten Flesh & Leather & Horse Armor
    Rotten flesh can be cooked to make leather.
    Leather can be crafted to make basic leather horse armor.
    More to come.
  • Keep Inventory is OFF
    You will lose inventory making your items that much more valuable. Creepers, also go Boom-Boom.
  • /back
    Please remember that you can use /back once after death to return to your spoils given they weren’t tossed into the lava…
  • Phantoms
    Continue to spawn as normal but are now ‘passive’ mobs.
  • Server Restart & Server Backup
    Scheduled: 6/7 am EST
    Backups are done daily.
  • Kits
    Access /kits for new players or returning.
    Added 1 protection block to ‘gimme’ kit. More sold in /shops
  • Protection Blocks
    Installed and running. Please ask staff for starter blocks. New players automatically get 1 starter block. Player based “world guard” protection. say goodbye to the goldenshovel.
    Help book coming. Each single block, covers 64×64 area, from bedrock to build limit.
  • New 128×128 Protection Stone added to shops. /shops
  • Portals
    Located on /survival world (/spawn if in survival world), access to /hub, the Nether, and the End.
    In the nether, you will come through into a /spawn fortress. Have fun, and don’t look downstairs
  • /RTP
    Use /boat or /rtp to travel out from /survival map
  • 1.14.4 is LIVE and can be accessed using
  • The 1.13.2 server will continue to respond on the existing and 1.13.2 will be phased out Jan 2020.

Please visit our discord for specific updates for plugins and in-game changes. Friendly PG environment.

More information will follow!
Thank you to those have enjoyed the server and we hope to make things even better moving forward.