Want Skyblock but with MORE?! Visit /bento

This is a new plugin for us, and though we provide you with a starter guide, there is a lot more to learn!

Thank you for your patience as we learn together and if there’s any questions, please visit our discord.
Some survival world commands may not be available yet. MossyMine Staff are working to make sure common commands are available in this world as well. Thank you.

When you first use /bento, you will land on our /spawn island which you can return to at any time. You will also receive a guide to help you get started. There is a lot to discover… so go forth and have fun.

Bento islands has two games modes that are fully dependent on your choices.
Normal Mode and Hard Mode. Keep inventory is OFF

Types of islands include:
  • CAVE Island – /cave
  • CLASSIC SKYBLOCK Island – /island
  • ACID Island – /acid
bento islands